Platform Engineer

Job Description

If you’re passionate and motivated by building modern, cloud native and cloud agnostic platforms we invite you to join us to build innovative crypto architectures and advance technologies that will accelerate the delivery of web3 innovations to our users.


  1. Infrastructure: You will be spearheading the planning and execution of infrastructure deployments, leveraging automation tools and best practices to guarantee a stable and scalable foundation for the platform serving our million users.
  2. Operations: You will be managing day-to-day operations, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing workflows to maintain high availability (HA) and meet service level objectives (SLOs) for the platform.
  3. Feature development: You will be owning backend features that support all our platforms (extension, mobile and desktop).
  4. Interfacing with users: You will be interfacing directly with end-users and developers building – supporting them and collecting feedback to inform the direction of the product.
  5. Team building: You will be working with the team to create and foster a culture of raising the bar with each new hire.


  1. Deep experience managing and building with Cloud Platforms (AWS, Cloudflare)
  2. Experience with Kubernetes and adjacent technologies (Istio, Helm Charts)
  3. Experience with infrastructure configuration management (Terraform, Atlantis)
  4. Experience building CI/CD pipelines and accelerating application delivery (GitHub Actions, ArgoCD)
  5. Experience with production observability technologies (Prometheus, Grafana, Sentry)
  6. Hands on Go lang experience (Networking, HTTP, gRPC, OpenTelemetry)
  7. Expertise in implementing SRE principles, focusing on maintaining high availability
  8. Familiar with incident handling and on-call responsibilities

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